It’s hard to know the difference between feeling unsafe or uncomfortable and when we’re actually in danger. When we feel unsafe we’re bringing in our past experiences and our anxieties. But when we’re in danger we’re actually at risk.

It’s important to define what wisdom is and what it sounds like to you. As situations come up and you have to make a decision, wisdom will always lead you with courage and caution. Here are some helpful ways to differentiate fear and wisdom:

  1. Wisdom can take a calculated risk- it can imagine a positive outcome, as well as an unfortunate outcome.
  2. Wisdom is slow and reflective.
  3. Fear is reactive and visceral. It can’t image a positive outcome and gives you tunnel vision.
  4. Wisdom is the path that leads to more joy even if it’s uncomfortable sometimes.
  5. Fear leads to anxiety and hiding.

So for you, how do you know which mode you’re in?? Take a moment and write down what fear feels like in your body, how do you show that you are afraid? Is it jumpiness? Tension in your neck? Shutting down? getting busy?

What does fear sound like in your head? What do your thoughts sound like? Racing thoughts? Overgeneralizing the negative outcomes? Triggering past memories? Maybe it’s minimizing the risks and you fight through it? Not stopping to consider the possible outcomes?

Then take a moment and ask yourself what does wisdom feel like in your body? How does it express itself? And what does wisdom sound like in your head? 

We can all be led to take calculated risks and embrace change when we understand what wisdom feels like and what wisdom sounds like. We can also be led into hiding and anxiety if we let fear take control. But between the stimuli and the reaction there is space to choose. You can choose wisdom and joy!

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