Morgan Myers

morgan myers

licensed professional counselor

Morgan grew up in the bible belt of Texas and felt the constraints of living in a rigid, christian environment. Her experience with depression as a child and through adulthood showed her what a lonely journey this could be. It compelled her to cultivate mental health and emotional resilience in her own life. As an adult, she again struggled to find the right kind of postpartum care while having her two beautiful daughters, and that’s why her passion for mothers and mental health is evident in her platform Motherlift
Morgan believes that therapy, community, and transparency are tools that can offer us hope. She is no stranger to the lifelong road we walk in our mental health journey, and she devotes her life to her clients as they walk this path. She specializes in Faith Deconstruction Therapy and postpartum depression and anxiety. Click here to read more.
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Morgan specializes in:

postpartum depression
postpartum anxiety
faith deconstruction therapy
past family hurt
doubt in your faith
burn out as a mom


Morgan Myers has a bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Clinical Mental Health from Texas A&M University Commerce. She has extensive experience working with families and she’s worked with people processing past church hurt and deconstructing their faith. She works with moms struggling with postpartum depression and anxious thoughts with a new born. She also enjoys helping women find their identity and priorities in life as a wife, mother, and career woman.

Her passion project is working with plants. She has begun training in Horticultural Therapy and spends time researching and writing on that topic. More on that soon!

In her free time she gardens, writes poetry, and spends time with her friends and family.

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Morgan has a side-project called Motherlift that was founded  alongside her sisters Macy (doula) and Meg (designer). At Motherlift, they don’t hold back about what happens to our minds and bodies during pregnancy and the years surrounding it. They aim to educate and encourage from pre-conception all the way through parenting.

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what happens in a session

Morgan’s Fees

The first intake session (60 mins) is $175 for all new clients. Morgan’s counseling session (50 mins) fee is $150. 

We accept FSA and HSA, credit cards, cash, or check. We do not accept insurance. However depending on insurance benefits many of our clients are able to get reimbursed for session fees through their insurance company. We can explain more when we meet with you. You can also Read more about this here.

  1. You explore past hurt and trauma and find a way through it. You begin to move beyond the self criticism that holds you back.

  2. You talk through the identity shift that happens when you become a mother, and process your pregnancy, birth story, and postpartum feelings.

  3. You process past rejection, the need to perform, and legalism from the church. Talk through your doubts about faith, deconstruct it and decide what you want to carry with you.

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