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East Dallas Psychotherapy wants to redefine the term self-care and equip you with the resources you need to enact meaningful change in your life. Come as you are, burdened, overwhelmed, or frazzled. Stuck, unmotivated, and confused. At East Dallas Psychotherapy, there’s room for the messy and the “in progress.” We hope you can feel at home with us. Call us 469-290-2883 for a consultation or schedule online today.
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Some of the common reasons our clients seek counseling are: adjusting to the birth of a baby, changing or creating healthy boundaries in family relationships, the demands of work and the strain it has on relationships, a crisis of faith or a painful church experience, or trying to find meaning or purpose in life and/or career. We work with women with young kids, mothers trying to balance family and self-care, and professional women trying to be successful at work and have meaningful relationships. We offer counseling for people of faith or non-faith backgrounds and we can offer Christian counseling if that is what our clients want. We also work with men finding purpose in life and career.

Moms with little ones  /   Young Professionals   /   Christian Women

Common Issues

Adjusting to a new baby

Rethinking your faith

Developing healthy boundaries

Doubt in spiritual life or a dark night of the soul

Stress from a high pressure job
Letting go of others’ expectations for you
Defining future life goals in career and family
Hopelessness or anger about where you are in life
Lack of purpose in life or career
Making space for you and your self-care
Frustration as a parent
Hopelessness in the season of young motherhood

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Make an appointment today to begin the process of healing. We want to hear from you what your goals are, where you’ve been and where you want to go.  Call for a phone consult 469-290-2883 or Click to Book Online.
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