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kate miller

licensed professional counselor

Clients often come to me when their children are having big feelings that they’re having a hard time understanding and dealing with. My specialties include big life transitions – such as the birth or adoption of a sibling, a move or change of schools or the loss of an important person in a child’s life. I love talking with kids about adjusting to a new diagnosis or ongoing physical or intellectual difference in a child. Sometimes we deal with recovery from a traumatic event or ongoing traumatic situations like abuse or neglect. My goal is to help children learn emotional regulation and give them the coping skills they need to thrive in life.
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Kate specializes in:

children with trauma
children with anxiety
differently abled

what happens in a session

Kate’s Fees

The first intake session is $160 and any subsequent sessions are $120. We accept FSA and HSA, credit cards, cash, or check. We do not accept insurance, however depending on your insurance benefits you may still be able to reimburse your sessions using “out of network” coverage.

  1. You build a stronger connection with your child.

  2. You get a sounding board for all of your parenting questions and concerns.

  3. Your child has someone they trust to talk to and vent what they’re feeling.

  4. Your child learns more coping skills for their big feelings.

  5. Your child has a safe place to practice calming their emotions, asking for what they need, and more.

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