Summer Greenlee

Summer Greenlee

summer greenlee

licensed professional counselor

As a therapist, I understand how pain from the past contributes to all the ways you’re trying to get through life. And it is one of my primary goals in counseling to help you feel safe. I want you to have a space to process your past experiences and shift into a new perspective. I want to help you begin to connect with people rather than hide. I want to help you take some control of your thoughts and move through them without spiraling. I believe you can create a fuller life out of your story, and I want to walk alongside you as you grow through it.
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Summer specializes in:

chronic people pleasing
relationship problems

what happens in a session

Summer’s Fees

The first intake session is $175 and any subsequent sessions are $150. We accept FSA and HSA, credit cards, cash, or check. We do not accept insurance, however depending on your insurance benefits you may still be able to reimburse your sessions using “out of network” coverage.

  1. You create healthier, more connected relationships and feel more connected with yourself

  2. You process your past trauma in a way that leads you to a fuller, more hopeful life.

  3. You practice new skills to help manage intrusive thoughts and memories.

  4. You establish a better sense of your identity post-trauma

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