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morgan myers

licensed professional counselor

Morgan grew up in the bible belt of Texas and felt the constraints of living in a rigid, christian environment. Her experience with depression as a child and through adulthood showed her what a lonely journey this could be. It compelled her to cultivate mental health and emotional resilience in her own life. As an adult, she again struggled to find the right kind of postpartum care while having her two beautiful daughters, and that’s why her passion for mothers and mental health is evident in her platform Motherlift. Morgan believes that therapy, community, and transparency are tools that can offer us hope. She is no stranger to the lifelong road we walk in our mental health journey, and she devotes her life to her clients as they walk this path.

Morgan is the founder of East Dallas Therapy where she currently works as a therapist and director. Keep scrolling to meet the team that makes East Dallas Therapy a wonderful community of Dallas therapists.

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avis strong - licensed counselor in dallas tx

Couples, trauma, identity issues

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Young adults, adults healing through divorce, teens

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Therapy for kids, Teen counseling, ADHD 

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Deconstructing and Postpartum

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Relationships, Trauma, Identity

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We specialize in:

divorce care
pain from church or religion
past family hurt
children & teens

what happens in a session

  • You explore past hurt and trauma and find a way through it. You begin to move beyond the self criticism that holds you back.

  • You understand your needs and begin to ask for what you want in your marriage, work and with family.

  • You talk through the identity shift that happens when you become a mother, and process your pregnancy, birth story, and postpartum feelings.

  • You process past rejection, the need to perform, and legalism from the church. Talk through your doubts about faith, deconstruct it and decide what you want to carry with you.

Lauren Burkhalter

LPC Associate

Supervised by Andrea Schultz, M.Ed., LPC-S, RPT-S #12403

I want to see your child grow in confidence and embrace their unique identity. I’ll teach your child healthy ways to cope with life’s challenges and provide gentle guidance along the way. Together, we can empower them to handle life’s ups and downs with warmth and emotional strength. I’m here to support your family on the journey to growth and healing, and I’m eager to get started!

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Lauren Specializes In:

children with ADHD
kids with big feelings
teens with low self-worth

stacey shoemaker


I am a dedicated and compassionate therapist. Through marriage, divorce, remarriage and becoming a blended family, I have experienced the unexpected life turns so many of us fear. These difficult changes became paths of courage and hope which resulted in a new career of helping others. As a trauma focused therapist I work with teenage clients, young adults building a fulfilling life, and others facing life’s challenges like empty nesting, divorce and co-parenting. 
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Stacey Shoemaker

what happens in a session

  1. You gain confidence in parenting and better understand the needs of your teenager.

  2. You explore productive ways to follow your passions while leaving fear behind. You begin to process all the unknowns and become more content in that space.

  3. You process hurts and losses that come from divorce while gaining understanding and new perspectives within yourself.

  4. For teens/tweens: You will find a safe space to talk and the freedom to say what is on your mind without judgement.

summer greenlee


As a therapist, I understand how pain from the past contributes to all these ways you’re trying to get through life. And it is one of my primary goals in counseling to help you feel safe. I want you to have a space to process your past experiences and shift into a new perspective. I want to help you begin to connect with people rather than hide. I want to help you take some control of your thoughts and move through them without spiraling. I believe you can create a fuller life out of your story, and I want to walk alongside you as you grow through it.

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Summer Greenlee

what happens in a session

  1. You create healthier, more connected relationships and feel more connected with yourself

  2. You process your past trauma in a way that leads you to a fuller, more hopeful life.

  3. You practice new skills to help manage intrusive thoughts and memories.

  4. You establish a better sense of your identity post-trauma

Summer Specializes In:

relationship problems
people pleasing
past trauma

avis strong

LMSW Associate, RYT

My approach for individual and couples therapy is centered on offering unconditional empathy and warmth to build connection. I provide non-judgmental feedback, while equipping you with essential skills to guide your healing journey or the healing journey.   Guided by a strong sense of ethics, creativity, and compassion, I take great pride in establishing a safe haven that genuinely embraces and respects the beautifully diverse ways we all show up in the world.
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avis strong - licensed counselor in dallas tx

what happens in a session

  1. You recognize how trauma shows up in your day to day life.

  2. You process your past trauma in a way that leads you to a fuller, more hopeful life.

  3. You figure out the barriers to vulnerability and emotional intimacy with your partner.

  4. You break patterns in your relationship such as criticism, stonewalling, and defensiveness.

Avis Specializes in:

couples – communication and conflict

anxiety and identity issues

stress and pressure of performance

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