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ADHD, Anxiety, depression, Grief, and for kids ages 7-14  

At East Dallas Therapy we saw a huge need with families who needed to get a diagnosis for their child.

As family therapists, we have seen the labels put on children and how those labels follow them socially and academically. Diagnosis is typically done by a pediatrician, psychiatrist or psychologist who may have limited time to spend with the child.

In our practice we think we’re in a unique position as family counselors to give you and your child the attention you need to provide an in-depth evaluation and assessment. We  can assess for ADHD, child anxiety and depression. After we provide an assessment we coach parents on their communication and helping kids learn to express, identify and regulate their emotions. 

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Assessment Structure

For ADHD, Depression & Anxiety

Our assessments consist of a total of 4-5 sessions with you and your family. A description of the process is below.
Step 1 – Clinical Interview with Parents. 

We go over your paperwork in depth and get to know you and your family’s needs. We determine what tools and resources you will need to help your child succeed once they have been assessed.

Step 2 – Child observation session 1 & 2

We have a one-on-one session with your child for observation and to give us a fuller picture of your child’s behavior and personality.

Step 3 – Discuss results

After gathering more information from teachers and others who have observed the child in different settings, we compile an in depth report for you and your child. We meet with you to go over the report with you. We also prepare any recommended next steps and additional resources.

Step 4 – Continued Support

We love to be an ongoing resources for our families at East Dallas Therapy. Whether that is parent coaching or in play therapy or activity therapy. We want you to feel confident as a parent and help your child succeed, no matter their diagnosis. We are also available to consult with psychiatrists, pediatricians, OT’s, PT’s, speech therapists, and teachers and school counselors for ARD and 504 meetings. (Note: 1 hour of consultation is included in the package price)

  1. The Assessment costs $1200 with payment plans available. A deposit is taken at the time of the first session.

  2. Additional services are available (school observation, ARD, IEP resources or recommendations, ongoing therapy).

  3. Our assessments take a holistic approach. We want to meet the needs of the child from every side- school, home, community, and other professionals. We don’t believe medication is a one-size-fits-all answer. 

Individual Counseling

For Adults

At East Dallas Therapy, we know that facing your own pain can be scary, but we believe that you can grow beyond those places where you are stuck. You may want to work on coping with stress or parenting from a place of peace. Or you might need to process your faith and doubt or have a more fulfilling marriage. We’ll help you find that voice inside that is telling you what you need. Whatever you come in with, we will discover together what is holding you back so that you can grow into a happier, more hopeful life.

Currently Accepting New Clients

Meet the team that makes East Dallas Therapy a wonderful community of therapists below.

Faith, Spiritual Abuse and Postpartum Concerns

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Families, Children, Play Therapy

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Relationships, Trauma, Identity

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what happens in a session

The first intake session is $175 for all new clients. Session fees vary with each therapist.

Morgan Myers, LPC $150
Kate Miller, LPC $150

Summer Greenlee, LPC Associate $125

We accept FSA and HSA, credit cards, cash, or check. We do not accept insurance. However depending on insurance benefits many of our clients are able to get reimbursed for session fees through their insurance company. We can explain more when we meet with you. You can also Read more about this here.

  • You explore past hurt and trauma and find a way through it. You begin to move beyond the self criticism that holds you back.

  • You understand your needs and begin to ask for what you want in your marriage, work and with family.

  • You talk through the identity shift that happens when you become a mother, and process your pregnancy, birth story, and postpartum feelings.

  • You process past rejection, the need to perform, and legalism from the church. Talk through your doubts about faith, deconstruct it and decide what you want to carry with you.

child and adolescent counseling

Ages 3+

Clients often come to us when their children are having big feelings that they’re having a hard time understanding and dealing with. My specialties include big life transitions – such as the birth or adoption of a sibling, a move or change of schools or the loss of an important person in a child’s life. I love talking with kids about adjusting to a new diagnosis or ongoing physical or intellectual difference in a child. Sometimes we deal with recovery from a traumatic event or ongoing traumatic situations like abuse or neglect. My goal is to help children learn emotional regulation and give them the coping skills they need to thrive in life.

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what happens in a session

Kate’s Fees

The first intake session is $160 and any subsequent sessions are $135. We accept FSA and HSA, credit cards, cash, or check. We do not accept insurance, however depending on your insurance benefits you may still be able to reimburse your sessions using “out of network” coverage.

  • You build a stronger connection with your child.

  • You get a sounding board for all of your parenting questions and concerns.

  • Your child has someone they trust to talk to and vent what they’re feeling.

  • Your child learns more coping skills for their big feelings.

  • Your child has a safe place to practice calming their emotions, asking for what they need, and more.