In-Depth ADHD Assessment in Dallas, TX


ADHD, Anxiety, depression, Grief, and for kids ages 7-14 

At East Dallas Therapy we want to help families assess their children in a comprehensive, warm, and supportive way. Whether your child is diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety or you need more information about intellectual abilities, we have the tools needed to help your child flourish.

As family therapists, we have seen the labels put on children and how those labels follow them socially and academically. Diagnosis is typically done by a pediatrician, psychiatrist or psychologist who may have limited time to spend with the child.

In our practice we think we’re in a unique position as family counselors to give you and your child the attention you need to provide an in-depth evaluation and ADHD assessment in Dallas. We  can assess for ADHD, child anxiety and depression. We also do IQ testing as part of the assessment process (many schools require this as part of the diagnostic report). After we provide an assessment we coach parents to help kids learn to express, identify and regulate their emotions. 

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A bit about ADHD

We believe as licensed counselors and family therapists, we are uniquely equipped to gain all data points related to the child’s possible diagnosis. We gather all the information from the family background, medical factors, intelligence, and symptoms in all settings of life. We believe that have an in depth look at the child’s context and symptoms helps us make a responsible and detailed diagnosis for each child. Whether they are diagnosed with ADHD or other disorder.

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ADHD Assessment Structure

For ADHD, Depression & Anxiety

Our assessments consist of a total of 4 sessions with you and your family. A description of the process is below.
Step 1 – Clinical Interview with Parents. 

We go over your paperwork in depth and get to know you and your family’s needs. We determine what tools and resources you will need to help your child succeed once they have been assessed. We review the first assessment administered.

Step 2 – Child observation session 

We have a one-on-one session with your child for observation and to give us a fuller picture of your child’s behavior and personality. We administer the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales (5th Edition) which determines their intellectual ability and what areas of strength and weakness they may have.

Step 3 – Discuss results

After gathering more information from teachers and others who have observed the child in different settings, we compile an in depth report for you and your child using the data from the assessments. We meet with you to go over the report and we prepare any recommended next steps and additional resources.

Step 4 – Continued Support

We love to be an ongoing resources for our families at East Dallas Therapy. Whether that is parent coaching or in play therapy or activity therapy. We want you to feel confident as a parent and help your child succeed, no matter their diagnosis. We are also available to consult with psychiatrists, pediatricians, OT’s, PT’s, speech therapists, and teachers and school counselors for ARD and 504 meetings. (Note: 1 hour of consultation is included in the package price)


  1. The Assessment costs $1200 with payment plans available. A deposit is taken at the time of the first session.

  2. Additional services are available (school observation, ARD, IEP resources or recommendations, ongoing therapy).

  3. Our assessments take a holistic approach. We want to meet the needs of the child from every side- school, home, community, and other professionals. We don’t believe medication is a one-size-fits-all answer.

What Can We Assess For?

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Oppositional Defiance

  • ADHD

  • Social Problems

  • Aggression

  • High IQ

  • Intellectual Functioning and Delays

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