Hello readers! I’m glad you found me!

I am interested in writing about therapy- the philosophical and the practical. I am a play therapist and adolescent counselor working in North Dallas right now (contrary to my website title). But I am hoping to begin a practice in East Dallas in 2019. My goal is to be a therapist to the community of East Dallas. I am interested in reaching adolescents, and parents with kids in that stage. I also have a particular interest in helping mothers with young children. I want to help women understand themselves better, their mental health, and learn self-care and self-advocacy at a time when life is all about their little ones. There are all kinds of issues my clients face. Below I’ve listed the most common. I hope you enjoy my blog!

5 typical clients in my practice:

  1. Teens with depression and anxiety
  2. Teens interested in self-discovery and coping with life’s challenges
  3. Moms and Dads needing parenting strategies
  4. Mothers (of young children) struggling with depression, anxiety, adjustment to change, or self-care
  5. Kids with behavior issues

5 ways I can help

  1. Individual play therapy for Pre-K and Elementary kids
  2. Art and activity therapy for Tweens and Teens
  3. Parent consultation
  4. Counseling for adults
  5. Group therapy: Topics range from depression groups for adults, social skills camp for kids, and Parenting Skills Groups. Contact me for more information.