How do you relax when you…

Have family expecting things of you, have kids running around, messes everywhere, your diet is off, you aren’t exercising, you’re trying not to feel guilty for what you’re eating, you’re taking off work, you’re trying to work and take off work, you’re financially stressed, you’re physically stressed, you’re emotionally stressed AND you’re mentally stressed!!!

We’re all facing stress this year like no other year. It feels like every decision we make could have detrimental consequences and yet many of us are so ready to be with family and relax and celebrate during a season of (supposed) joy!

Over on our Instagram I spoke with a local chiropractor, Dr. Bethany Roggendorf at Family Wellness at White Rock about how to reduce our stress during this season. She talked about how stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol aren’t “bad” but they can be overactive in our bodies and it’s our job to regulate them.

Here are some of her tips for relaxation:

  1. Take time for your freakin self! However that looks for you!
  2. Give yourself grace with your diet and consider not weighing at all during this season.
  3. Remember its not what you do in one day that matters as much as what you do DAILY. So one day (as in Christmas Day) won’t break your health, it’s those daily choices throughout the year.
  4. Think about getting OUTSIDE to walk or exercise
  5. Do low tech or no tech activities.

Some helpful resources on stress

From Dr. Roggendorf

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