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lauren burkhalter

LPC Associate License #93470
Supervised by Andrea Schultz, M.Ed., LPC-S, RPT-S #12403

As a therapist, I’m passionate about helping children and adolescents tap into their incredible resilience and potential. I want to see your child grow in confidence and embrace their unique identity. I’ll teach your child healthy ways to cope with life’s challenges and provide gentle guidance along the way. Together, we’ll empower them to handle life’s ups and downs with warmth and emotional strength. I’m here to support your family on the journey to growth and healing, and I’m eager to get started!
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lAUREN specializes in:

kids with big feelings

parent support

creative arts therapy

kids with adhd

big life changes

kid’s anxiety

Families often come to me when they’re overwhelmed by their child’s big emotions. Sometimes it feels like the child is driving the car and the family is just along for the ride! Often parents feel burned out and lost for how to help their child.
When I see children and teens they can come in feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Sometimes they are in the middle of a recent life change, like changing schools, parents getting a divorce, or moving. They often don’t have the tools to cope with all the emotions they are feeling.
I help kids find tools to calm down and express what they’re feeling so that the whole family can feel peaceful and secure. 
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Every human being has an inherent, biological tendency toward growth and development.
Carl Rogers


Lauren Burkhalter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Relations from the University of Oklahoma, where she showcased her senior project—a collection of children’s books promoting diversity, inclusion, and kindness—at the esteemed 13th Annual Oklahoma Service Learning Conference, attended by distinguished doctors, professors, and affiliated organizations.

Continuing her academic journey, Lauren pursued a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Her commitment to aiding children and adolescents is evident from her past role as a Mental Health Coordinator for a non-profit organization in Texas. Here, she conducted training sessions on Suicide Prevention techniques for middle and high school students through the national program Sources of Strength.

Lauren’s innate ability to forge connections with young individuals fosters a safe and supportive environment for them to freely express themselves. Her compassionate demeanor facilitates the establishment of trust, laying the groundwork for impactful therapeutic alliances. Embracing the belief that therapy can be both transformative and enjoyable, Lauren infuses creativity and joy into her sessions. Drawing upon her profound understanding of developmental needs, she incorporates a diverse range of age-appropriate techniques, including art, play, and interactive exercises, to enrich the therapeutic process and make it engaging for her clients.

Creative Arts Therapy

I believe that therapy can transform a child’s life. I use creative activities and play to help the child feel free and enjoy the process of therapy. I aim for your child to leave sessions feeling a deeper understanding of themselves, a stronger connection with you as their parent, and a sense of empowerment as they face the world.

The creative arts provide children with a unique outlet for processing and expressing their emotions in a safe and nonverbal way. Through activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and storytelling, children can explore and make sense of their feelings without the pressure of finding the right words. 

Key clinical research findings indicate that creative arts therapies can:

  • Enable recovery from traumatic experiences through meaning-making, and verbal processing.
  • Reduce symptoms associated with PTSD
  • Provide a means to address anger and anxiety through creative expression and improved self-regulation.
  • Foster the ability to experience hope and gratification

Read more about the affect of creative arts on mental health.

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Lauren’s  Fees

The first intake session is $175, and any subsequent sessions are $150 for family therapy including play therapy and activity therapy. Adult sessions are $135.

We accept FSA and HSA, credit cards, cash, or check. We do not accept insurance, however depending on your insurance benefits you may still be able to reimburse your sessions using “out of network” coverage.


your child…

  • Learns to calm big emotions

  • Expresses their fears and worries in productive ways

  • Has a third person (other than mom and dad) to talk about tough issues with

  • Gains greater self-confidence