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hollie pool

licensed marriage & Family Therapist

Clients come to me when they are feeling overwhelmed with life’s responsibilities and are having a difficult time managing their emotions. My goal is to provide a safe space to help you navigate your inner most thoughts and feelings. I want to help you better understand yourself, your relationships and your experiences. I specialize in: infidelity recovery, codependency, emotional health, communication, and conflict. Click here to read more.
Effective therapy must begin with understanding how your past plays a role in your current thought patterns and behaviors. When we are confronted with the hard truth- that our past has led us to thinking and behaving in ways that no longer serve us, we can begin the process of change. I want you to experience a sense of emotional freedom and stability. 

Hollie specializes in:

anxiety & depression
infidelity recovery
self esteem
emotional health
teen counseling


I enjoy working with clients who want healing and couples who want a thriving and connected relationship. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy in 2016 and have worked with diverse populations in correctional, medical, and private practice settings. I have treated mood disorders and extensive trauma. I believe strongly that old wounds can be healed and relational patterns can be rewired for lasting and loving connections. In my free time, I enjoy interior design, jazz music, cooking, and spending time with family. 

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I strongly believe that old wounds can be healed and relational patterns can be rewired for lasting and loving connections.
Hollie Pool

what happens in a session

Hollie’s Fees

The first intake session (60 mins) is $160 for all new clients. Individual counseling session (50 mins) fee is $135. Couples Counseling sessions (50 mins) fee is $150.

We accept FSA and HSA, credit cards, cash, or check. We do not accept insurance. However depending on insurance benefits many of our clients are able to get reimbursed for session fees through their insurance company. We can explain more when we meet with you. You can also Read more about this here.

  • You will gain insight and develop new ways of working through challenging circumstances.

  • You will learn to tolerate intense emotions and make the necessary behavioral changes needed to successfully stabilize your mood.

  • You will better understand your use of emotional avoidance strategies (such as worry, rumination, and self-criticism) and how to avoid reinforcing old, limiting beliefs and patterns.

  • You will begin to set boundaries with yourself and others in order to restore your sense of peace.

  • You will learn to focus on what is within your ability to change, freeing yourself from the stress and burden of controlling every outcome.

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