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We want to meet you right where you are. Whether it’s depression, anxiety, fear or pain, we love to compassionately meet you where you are, as you are. 
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Courtney Nelson, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist #38157

Courtney specializes in:

  • Perfectionistic and high-achieving women

  • Adults wanting to improve relationships

  • Grief and loss – specifically mother loss

  • Women who are stressed out and overwhelmed

  • Cultural exploration and intersectionality

  • Wellness and motivation

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Morgan Myers, LPC

Licensed Child & Adult Counselor

Morgan specializes in:

  • Postpartum mothers– depression, anxiety and adjusting to new baby
  • Faith and spiritual concerns
  • Adults with depression and anxiety
  • Adults wanting to improve relationships
  • Parenting classes (click here for upcoming classes)
  • Family therapy for children and teens who are experiencing grief, depression, anxiety, and social concerns.
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